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  • Integrated with DC switch
  • Max. efficiency up to 98.3%
  • Super large 4-inch LCD
  • Built-in DRM port and logic
  • Smart monitoring,RS485,Wifi/Ethernet/GPRS (optional)
  • under voltage, over current, over temperature, Anti-islanding and other multiple protections

Recommended Max. PV input power 14630Wp
Max DC power for single MPPT 6200W
Number of MPP trackers 2
Number of DC inputs I for each MPPT
Max. Input voltage 1000V
Start-up voltage 200V
Rated input voltage 600V
MPPT operating voltage range 160V-960V
Full power MPPT voltage range 480V-850V
Max. Input current per MPPT 11A/11A
Maxnimum DC input short circuit current per MPPT 14A
Rated power 10000W
Max. AC power 11000VA
Max. Output current 15.9A
Nominal grid voltage 3/N/PE, 220/380Vac, 230/400Vac, 240/415Vac
Grid voltage range 310Vac-480Vac (According to local standard)
Nominal frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Grid frequency range 45~55Hz/54~66Hz (According to local standard)
Active power adjustable range 0~100%
THDi <3%
Power factor 1 default (adjustable + /-0.8)
Power limit export Zero export or adjustable power limit export

Technical Data

  • Performance

    Max efficiency : 98.30%
    European weighted efficiency : 98.00%
    Self-consumption at night : <IW
    MPPT efficiency : >99.9%
  • Protection

    DC reverse polarity protection : Yes
    DC switch : Yes
    Safety protection : Anti islanding, RCMU, Ground fault monitoring
    ARPC : Anti reverse power controller(optional)
  • Communication

    Power management unit : According to certification and request
    Standard communication mode : RS485, Wifi/Ethernet/GPRS(optional), SD card
    Operation data storage : 25 years
  • General Data

    Ambient temperature range : -25℃ ~+60℃
    Topology : Transformerless
    Degree of protection : IP65
    Allowable relative humidity range : 0~100%
    Max. Operating altitude : 2000m
    Noise : <29dB
    Weight : 22kg
    Cooling : Natural
    Dimension : 457*452*202mm
    Display : LCD display
    Warranty : 5 years/ 7 years/ 10 years
  • Standard

    EMC : 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-4
    Safety standards : IEC62109-1/2, IEC62116, IEC61727, IEC-61683, IEC60068(1,2,14,30), IEC60255
    Grid standards : AS/NZS 4777, VDE V 0124-100, V0126-1-1, VDE-AR-N 4105, CEI 0-21, EN50549, G98/G99, RD1699, UTE CI5-712-1, EN50530, NB/T32004