5 Reasons to Go Solar Right Now

It is an open secret that solar benefits households and businesses, alike. However when it comes to making a decision about going solar, it is better to have the benefits laid out. That’s why we are charting here the top 5 reasons to go solar.

Subsidies and Incentives

The high upfront installation cost of a rooftop solar system was a challenge impeding the widespread adoption of solar systems, in general, despite the awareness of benefits. The government of India has tried to encourage intent by providing subsidies and incentives under various clean energy initiatives. The prices of solar panels have reduced significantly in the last 5 years, and the government is still subsidizing solar systems installations making it the perfect time to invest in solar initiatives.


A High Performance Investment

The returns in solar systems have been seen to outperform returns from savings and mutual funds. Homeowners are expected to save at least 15-20% on monthly bills making solar an attractive investment alternative. Beyond households, solar energy ushers sound investments and significant benefits for businesses, too. It is a great way to employ underutilized assets like rooftops and car parks to generate electricity, reducing operating costs, and future-proofing businesses by building a greener business footprint.


Provides clean energy

A large chunk of greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change is generated through energy production; by burning fossil fuels. To avoid the worst possible outcomes of climate change, emissions need to be reduced significantly. Migration to non-conventional sources like solar power can reduce dependence on non-renewable and potentially hazardous sources of energy. This can positively impact the CO2 balance in the atmosphere and can reduce the deterioration of climate conditions due to the climate change phenomenon.


Increases Home Value

Research by an American real estate information agency Zillow, estimates that houses with solar system sell at an average premium of 4-5%. While it may change based on geographical location; in an Indian context, the premium amounts to roughly INR 200-250/Wp on per watt basis. So a 3KW solar system installed on its roof may attract an estimated premium of almost 600-750K. This is a remarkable gain compared to the cost of setting up a solar system in the household.


Makes you energy independent

Energy independence means producing your electricity, thereby decreasing the dependence on the power grid considerably; making you energy sufficient. Having a solar system placed at your household or business premise, makes you immune to unwarranted electricity costs and outages, giving you more power over to power needs. We can embrace a more positive outlook on the future by choosing freedom from fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gases, improving both quality of life and finances.



Thus we can see that installing solar system has immediate benefits that make it a prudent decision from the environmental as well as financial point of view.

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