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LSZ Series : DC Drinking Water Solar Submersible Pump

Existence of human life in rural area depends largely on the availability of clean water to people, crops and livestock. In many parts of India there is shortage of reliable electric power for homes and irrigation of fields where Lubi LSZ series of solar submersible pumping systems can make a remarkable contribution.

The LSZ Solar Submersible pumping system offered by Lubi is a state of the art high technology product designed to provide a green and energy efficient solution for a reliable water supply.

LSZ-D010-05-08-1.2K 1 0.75 29-42 23-42 900
LSZ-D010-03-12-1.2K 45-66 13-26
LSZ-D010-02-18-1.2K 62-91 10-17
LSZ-D007-01-18-1k 0.75 0.55 6-9 57-84 900
LSZ-D007-02-13-1k 10-17 44-65
LSZ-D007-03-09-1k 13-26 33-48

Product Details

  • Range of Performance

    Maximum Flow : 122m3/day
    Maximum head : 200 Meters
    Rating : 1HP to 2HP, 0.75KW to 1.5 KW
  • Operating Conditions

    Ambient Temperature : +50°C
    Liquid temperature range : 0°C to +80°C
    Water pH : 6.5 – 8
    Sand content : 25g/m3