Solar Roofs Rajasthan 2019 – Jaipur


Lubi Join as an Industry Partner in SolarRoofs Rajasthan 2019 Organized by FirstView Media Ventures Pvt. Ltd at Jaipur city. There are top-level EPC Companies, Installers, and Manufacturing Companies in Gujarat that are joining to discuss future Renewable Energy Growth and How to take a new initiative in Solar Technologies. Below the Topics are covered in the event/summit:

  • Policies for Promoting Solar Rooftop in the state- Government Initiatives and Industry Perspective.
  • Financing & Implementation Issues: Discussing Key BottleNecks and Driving Factors for Assessing Further Growth Potential.
  • Overview of Net Metering Policy of the state and Challenges Faced in its Implementation.
  • Energy Storage and Grid Integration Technologies for Solar Rooftop Projects.
  • Quality of Construction of Solar Rooftop Projects
  • How to Maintain and Manage the Projects.
  • Reducing the Risk of Solar Rooftop for End Users.
  • Tariff and Cost Benefit Analysis for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Consumers.
  • Financing Models: New Finance Models For Rooftop Projects; Learning From Global Development.

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