Solar Roofs Gujarat 2019 – Ahmedabad

Lubi Join as an Industry Partner in SolarRoofs Gujarat 2019 Organize by FirstView Media Ventures Pvt. Ltd in Ahmedabad. There are top-level EPC Companies, Installers and Manufacturing Companies in Gujarat are Join to discuss about future Renewable Energy Growth and How to take a new initiative in Solar Technologies.

Below the Topics is cover in this event/summit:

  1. Rooftop Solar – Policies and Business: Next Growth Driver For Solar Industry.
  2. Technological Evolution: Rooftop Solar Projects.
  3. Finance and Industry – Consumer Dialogue.

The Programm Session starts with the Below Key person Remarks

  • Shri. Mukesh J. Shah, Joint Secretary, Climate Change Department, Govt. of Gujarat
  • Shri S B Patil, Deputy Director, Gujarat Energy Development Agency.

Below The Key person attend the Q&A as Session Panellist

  • Shri. S B Patil, Deputy Director, Gujarat Energy Development Agency
  • Shri. S.R. Pandey, Legal Advisor, Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission

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