LUBI Solar: A Leading Solar EPC Company in Gujarat

As the global shift towards renewable energy gains momentum, solar power stands out as the leading force. Take advantage of India’s abundant sunshine by teaming up with a top solar EPC companies. Start your journey towards sustainability with LUBI EPC Solutions, your premier partner for solar solutions.

LUBI solar ranks among the top solar EPC companies, dedicated to efficiently converting solar energy into power. We provide comprehensive solutions, including detailed system designs, engineering, procurement of system components and commissioning. Our services extend to project construction and O&M for rooftop and ground-mounted projects under both CAPEX and OPEX models.

Models of Operation

Rooftop Solar Systems

Solar power plant is installed on the roofs of commercial or industrial buildings to transfer electricity consumption to solar power thereby reducing operational expenditures. In small scale industries who want to migrate of solar power, this is an ideal solution which offers aggressive returns.

Ground-mounted Solar Systems

Large scale solar power plants installed on open land to fulfill larger renewable power requirements. Larger industrial units require larger solar power plants that generally cannot be installed on rooftops. These require the solar plant to be installed on landmass to evacuate power to transmission grid.

The existing policy allows for two models for generating power from solar power plants built on ground:

  • Captive Mode: An industrial unit sets up the solar power plant and owns it. This system is ideal for industries and commercial establishments seeking energy-independence and long-term cost stability.
  • Group Captive Mode: Multiple entities form a group to collectively own and operate a solar system. Benefits include shared costs, economies of scale and easy access to renewable power at lower than grid costs.

Financing Models for Solar Power Plants


The power consumer invests upfront capital to install solar systems. Offers long term benefits like system ownership, reduced energy costs and revenue from excess power fed to the grid.

OPEX Model

Third-party investors invest in the solar system. The power consumer pays predetermined rate for the energy purchased from system, generally less than utility rates. This offers benefits like immediate savings on energy costs and eliminates maintenance and operational responsibilities.

End-to-End EPC Solutions from LUBI

LUBI Electronics employs top-notch resources to build comprehensive solar EPC services that cover the entire life-cycle of a solar power plant. Our services start with an on-site survey and extend to operation and maintenance.

Advantages of choosing LUBI as your EPC Service Provider
  • 65+ MW of installations across India of rooftop solar, ground-mounted solar and solar Pumping systems.
  • End-to-End services from land acquisition to power evacuation.
  • Procurement backed by associations with prominent equipment suppliers in India & abroad.
  • Experience in liasoning with government departments for getting statutory clearances.


LUBI Solar is a well known name in the solar industry, delivering comprehensive turnkey solutions for commercial and industrial solar power projects. We commit to provide high quality, cost effective solar energy solutions tailored to our customers needs. With team of experienced engineers and technicians we ensure to deliver maximum output throughout the life-cycle of the solar power plant.

About LUBI Electronics

LUBI Electronics is a leading company in India, exhibiting expertise in the automation, solar, and control panel industry.

Our solar offerings include best-in-class solar modules, solar pumps, solar pump controllers and solar inverters.

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