Metering Policy in India

Every state in India has come up with a policy that promotes the modalities of installing grid-connected rooftop solar systems. These policies list out how the consumers will be compensated for the electricity produced by the system. The policies outline both net and gross metering arrangement. So far 19 states have offered both net-metering and gross metering facilities while 17 states offer only net metering.

The policy allows net-metering mechanism to be implemented in systems upto a minimum 500 KW.  Some states allow net-metering in systems upto 1 MW. In most states the minimum allowed system size for net-metering in residential solar is 1KW. However West Bengal has a minimum requirement of 5 KW.

Most states allow solar system sizes upto 100% of the sanctioned load.


Does my state offer Net Metering and Gross Metering?

Most states have implemented net-metering and gross metering policy for solar systems. For more information, one can refer the solar policy statement of the state which can be found on the state energy development agency website.


Why is it the best time to invest in Solar System?

The government today is subsidizing and incentivizing consumers for adoption of solar energy. These benefits greatly shorten the return periods for the initial investment in a solar system. Installing a metering system which is capable of net metering is an ideal way to generate value from the sola system. All the economic benefits in addition to a positive impact on the environment, makes this the best time to invest in a solar system.

Key Takeaways

Friends, we just completed our blog series where we discussed at length about metering practices and policies in India. Hopefully, we answered all your doubts surrounding the topic. We believe our content will help you take an informed decision on getting solar system at our place.

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