• Category: Solar Drinking Water Pump Project
  • Year: 2016,2017, 2018,2019,2021
  • Rated System: 1Hp, 2Hp
  • Module Type: 335 Wp Poly Crystalline
  • Co2 Saving per Annum(Approx): 436 M.Tonn (Approx)
  • Number Of Beneficiary: 5322 Nos.

About The Project

Project Information

DRINKING WATER PROJECT under JAL JIVAN MISSION is a project envisioned to provide access to clean and adequate drinking water to the rural households across states of India, for drinking and domestic uses. The project has been made to assist, empower and facilitate delivery of portable drinking water to every rural non-electrified household. The project involves providing standalone solar pumping systems to rural households along with sufficient storage facility thereby providing drinking water security to rural India.

Challenges And Solution

  • Availability of water resources. Borewell,deep well,river,pond,lake
  • Location of Drinking water system
  • Location of solar pump
  • Transportation to beneficiary location

Benefits To Beneficiary

  • receive round-the-clock piped water supply.
  • Reduced drudgery for women from fetching drinking water in buckets in peak summer months.
  • Improved physical health of women and general condition of all villagers due to the accessibility of safe drinking water.
  • Improves general quality of life with higher levels of income
  • Improves quality of life time with families specially in night.
  • Helps in providing the critical protective irrigation in water scarce areas.
  • No fuel costs & minimal maintenance costs.