Top 10 Solar Module Manufacturers in India

The surge in adoption of solar energy has expanded the solar industry allowing manufacturers to produce economically and environmentally viable products. A wider market has attracted investments in the form of small and large manufacturing concerns, adding to the existing supply of inputs.

The growing demand for solar power has led to the availability of a wide variety of solar PV modules at competitive prices for residential and commercial applications. In such a situation it sometimes become difficult to zero-in on a product that promises quality and hence overall value.

In this blog we will look at the top 10 solar module manufacturers in India.

The list has been curated considering the given parameters:

  1. Adherence to quality benchmarks
  2. Total estimated supplies in the market
  3. Overall experience in manufacturing

This list is for reference only and does not designate any brand as lesser to another.

  • Vikram

Vikram Solar Ltd., is a leading solar module manufacturer, headquartered in Kolkata since 2006. Vikram solar is a part of Vikram India Group, a 42 year old business concern. Vikram Solar also provides integrated solar energy solutions offering engineering, procurement and construction services along with O&M services. Vikram Solar has executed projects worth 1.42 GW in India and abroad. Vikram Solar offers solar modules ranging from 315Wp to 665 Wp.

  • Adani

Adani Solar is a leading solar module manufacturing arm of Adani Group, a global conglomerate established in 1988. Adani Solar boasts of, currently, India’s largest vertically integrated solar company with products and services across the spectrum of PV industry.

  • Waaree

Waaree Energies Ltd., is a leading solar module manufacturer, headquartered in Mumbai. It is a flagship company of the Waaree group, an organization established in 1989. It operates facilities in Surat and Umbergaon manufacturing an array of products for the solar pv industry. With operations across India and abroad, they offer EPC, solar rooftop and solar water pumping solutions.

  • LUBI

LUBI Electronics is a leading solar module manufacturer, headquartered in Ahmedabad, since 2012. LUBI Electronics operates a fully automatic state-of-art manufacturing facility for solar modules in a 80000 sq. Ft in Ahmedabad.

LUBI Electronics offer poly, PERC-mono and half-cut solar modules ranging from 5 Wp to 550 Wp, finding application in commercial and residential solar plants. These modules are built in stringent quality framework and adhere to global quality standards. In addition to solar modules,LUBI Electronics offers solar pumping systems and inverters under its renewable solutions vertical. LUBI Electronics has supplied a over 1.5GW of solar solutions globally.

LUBI Electronics with relentless focus on quality and R&D, has emerged as a preferred solar panel manufacturer for Independent Power Producers (IPP) and EPC’s. LUBI Electronics also has had a positive impact on the growth of commercial and residential rooftop solar projects by emerging as a popular brand amongst small scale system integrators.

In addition, LUBI also positions itself as a one-stop solar pumping solutions provider, manufacturing all three key components of a solar pumping system namely solar pumps, pump controllers in addition to solar panels. LUBI Electronics, unlike many solar product suppliers exhibits years of expertise in electronics & automation domain, provisioning ease in development futuristic solutions of solar systems like data acquisition, monitoring and supervisory control from remote locations.

  • Premier

Premier Energies since 1995 is a leading solar module manufacturer, headquartered in Secunderabad. Over the two decades of operations, Premier Energies has expanded from manufacturing modules to fabricating solar cell. In addition to manufacturing, Premier Energies also specializes in providing turnkey EPC solutions. Premier Energies has supplied a total 2 GW solar modules worldwide.

  • Goldi

Goldi Solar is a leading solar module manufacturer based out of Surat, since 2012. Goldi also claims expertise in EPC and IPP service provider. Goldi has supplied over 800 MW of solar modules globally.

  • Emvee

Emvee Solar since 2007, is a solar module manufacturer providing high performance photovoltaic system headquartered in Bengaluru. Emvee has established a brand name showcasing an expertise in large scale projects and EPC in India and Europe. Emvee in 2018 accomplished the milestone of 1 GW of module supply. Emvee offers solar modules ranging from 265Wp to 545 Wp

  • RenewSys

Renewsys, is an integrated manufacturer of solar modules along with key components namely encapsulents, backsheets and solar cells. Since 2011 and headquartered at Hyderabad, Renewsys is promoted by ENPEE group, a transnational conglomerate with an array of market leading businesses across industry segments. Renewsys offers solar modules ranging from 40Wp to 590 Wp.

  • Swelect

Swelect Energy Systems is amongst the leading solar power systems providers with a strong global presence in energy market for over 35 years. Swelect manufacturers operates a module manufacturing unit Dabaspet, Bangalore producing efficient and reliable crystalline silicon modules. Swelect also claims expertise in implementing solar projects; small and large, providing customized solutions as per client requirement Swelect offers solar panel modules ranging from 265Wp to 385Wp.

  • Rayzon

Rayzon, is the youngest solar panel manufacturer in the list. Since inception in 2017, Rayzon has steadily grown in product offerings and market size. Rayzon solar offers polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar modules, along with EPC services for commercial projects. Rayzon solar offering consists of solar modules ranging from 3Wp to 395 Wp

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