Trusted Solar EPC Companies in Gujarat

As India’s renewable energy sector flourishes, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) companies are becoming increasingly crucial to the solar industry. These companies are the backbone of ambitious solar projects throughout the country, handling everything from design and material procurement to the construction of solar power plants. The heightened competition among solar EPC companies, spurred by the nation’s commitment to sustainable energy sources, has led to significant innovations and advancements in the field. This blog post delves into the key players and in India’s solar EPC landscape.

Tata Power Solar

Tata Power Solar Systems Limited is the renewables division of India’s largest integrated power company, Tata Power. In the solar domain, Tata Solar specializes in he production of solar cells, modules and comprehensive solar energy solutions. Additionally, Tata Solar provides project management, engineering and construction services.

Tata Power Solar is synonymous with numerous large scale solar projects across India. The company boasts an impressive manufacturing capacity for solar cell and module manufacturing.

Adani Solar Energy

Adani Solar Energy operates a solar module manufacturing company. Adani Solar Energy have developed several landmark solar plants including the Kamuthi Solar Power Project in Tamil Nadu which was became the largest solar power project of its time. Adani Solar Energy has since become a prominent EPC player with several accolades to its name.

ReNew Power

ReNew power is a serious player in the renewable energy space undertaking solar projects in utility-scale wind, solar and hydropower projects in India. Since launching operations with a wind project in Gujarat, Renew Power has rapidly expanded, managing a substantial portfolio of significant projects.

KPI Green Energy

KPI Green Energy is a leading renewable power producer and EPC service provider based in Gujarat. KPI green works in various solar service based verticals; predominantly developing, operating and maintaining large scale solar power plant. KPI Green functions both as an Independent Power Producer (IPP) and as a full stack service provider to Captive Power Producers (CPP).

LUBI Electronics

LUBI Electronics, has been a serious player in the solar ecosystem since 2012. With manufacturing expertise spanning across solar modules and solar pumping systems, LUBI Electronics has been an active participation in Indias successful solar story. With significant supplies in premier government projects, LUBI Electronics also boasts of impressive portfolio in the solar EPC segment. Building on its already impressive portfolio of mid-scale projects, LUBI Electronics has started delivering utility-scale projects in Gujarat. LUBI Electronics addresses all major concerns of Captive Power Producers, and offers end-to-end EPC solutions which includes land acquisition, power plant development and power evacuation & monitoring.

About LUBI Electronics

LUBI Electronics is a leading company in India, exhibiting expertise in the automation, solar, and control panel industry.

Our solar offerings include best-in-class solar modules, solar pumps, solar pump controllers and solar inverters.

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